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High Qualified Composite Siding for Interior Modeling


Composite siding is an important type of the outer decorative building material used to renovate the house. With both protective and decorative effects, composite siding is widely used in various occasions, including private houses, public places, commercial building and so on.

Composite siding plays an important role in the structural building renovation, with the style people are looking forward. Various colors and patterns are provided by composite siding manufacturer. The colorful feature of the composite siding can add its property value to the largest extent, composite siding can be applied in more and more places with its rich potential value.

Composite siding is an environmental-friendly building material which is made of the mixture of the wood powder, recycled plastic material, and other chemical additives. With the help of the calcium powder substance, composite siding is given the shining surface and stronger texture.

COOWIN has been exported high-qualified composite siding over 19 years, with rich experience to satisfy different needs of the clients. If you want to know more detailed information, please kindly contact us at any time.

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