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COOWIN PVC Ceiling with High Quality and Excellent Features

Ceiling installation is an important way of interior remodeling to decorate the ceiling to be beautiful. The ceiling can be designed with different shapes, colors, patterns and styles satisfying different needs of clients. Here are various advantages of PVC material ceiling compared to the traditional ceiling.
  1. Dimensional stability, keeping stable and firm all year round even within a wide temperature range.
  2. Long life span, ceilings can be used for many years.
  3. With resistance to rot and crack.
  4. Moisture resistant and water-proof.
  5. High-impact resistant.
  6. Outstanding screw and nail retention.
  7. Environmentally-friendly building material which is recyclable.
  8. Wide range of finished and unfinished surface choices.
  9. Easily produced and fabricated.
  10. No toxic chemicals or preservatives.
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